Dimaflex Apertura Motorizada Articulado Reclinable divan


Dimaflex Apertura Motorizada Articulado Reclinable divan

  • 80 90 100 105 135 150 160 180 200
  • 180 180 (Duo) 190 190 (Duo) 200 200 (Duo)

Unique system of integrated adaptation, consisting of a canape motorized opening with remote control and a large warehouse within easy access, along with the base 3D Spine Adapta of comfort, ergonomics and design that offers breathability , hygiene and excellent durability. The structure of the bedspring 3D Spine is very robust and is formed by suspensions flexible and resilient wood that offer a progressive adaptation.
Canapé structure

Wooden structure high strength and stability. Frame ground level to prevent the entry and accumulation of dust. Specially designed to give extra space. In versions with fixed or upholstered mattress cover, 3D mesh incorporated in its underside to protect the contents of the entry of dust.

motorized opening

Motorized opening in all versions with high quality motors to lift the lid smooth and securely with wireless controller, along with the STAND BY low voltage system for your safety. side opening for version based 3D spine motor and front opening for 3D Spine based version fixed.

Suspension system

Suspension structures very flexible wood, high adaptability, with cushioning and rotation, offering a progressive support, without pressure. Perfect distribution to every part of your body.

3D structure sheets

Areas of differentiated and personalized rest: cervical, shoulders, back, legs and feet. Avoiding pressure points, promoting blood circulation and getting the best comfort.

Ons included

front and headboard option in one piece in matrimonial actions.
Metal end piece held mattress. Metal workpiece held mattress side.
Open control wireless canapé.
Synchronizer to articulate simultaneously both bedsteads.


WIDTH: 90, 105, 120, 135 (2x67,5), 150 (2x75), 160 (2x80), 180 (2x90) and 200 (2x100).
LONG: 180, 190 and 200.


Dimaflex Apertura Motorizada Articulado Reclinable divan - Dimaflex

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