Dimaflex Pure Talalay Latex mattress


Dimaflex Pure Talalay Latex mattress

  • Adaptability
    10/10 High
  • Firmness
    3/8 Soft
  • 80 90 105 135 150 160 180 200
  • 190 200

The excellence of the rest of nature. Purity of materials, comfort and relaxation at its best. A symphony of well-being.


upper and lower elastic layer Talalay Latex medium firm. profiled structure. cylindrical channels which facilitate ventilation. Wide open and uniform cell that allows a large airflow.

very elastic core module Talalay Latex high firmness. Structure varied densities and similar raised pattern according to the area.

fully protected cotton coverage.


Organic cotton stretch fabric. Cotton-padded bio that provides freshness and comfort. Combined with a side 3D mesh increases ventilation core.

removable cover through a system of racks. Wash dry.

Possibility of special clothing: duo, pants and trousers double or other tissues.


Captivating feeling contact. Mattress that offers good support and body adaptation into seven distinct areas: head, neck, shoulders, back, lower back, hips and legs, thanks to its top layer of Talalay latex and facilitate ventilation channels. Promotes muscle relaxation and movement at the break. It maintains the body temperature regulated.

Hygienic, antiallergic, breathable and medium / high, compatible with any mattress or trundle sheets of our brand strength.

High quality guaranteed for years. Indispensable Component for a good sleep system.


Height: 23 cm (approx.)

7 zones

Differentiated for ergonomic rest: head, shoulders, back, hips, thighs, legs and feet.

Natural cotton

To employ our natural cotton padding. Excellent team aireacción mechanism rest.

Talalay latex

natural latex with unique manufacturing process of the highest quality.

Nature Care & Healthes

Made friendly materials environment and do Oëko-Tex certified to be free of harmful substances.


Dimaflex Pure Talalay Latex mattress - Dimaflex

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