Dunlopillo Diamond 24 Talalay Latex mattress Recommended


Dunlopillo Diamond 24 Talalay Latex mattress

  • Fabric 75% cotton / 25% polyester
  • Adaptability
    10/10 High
  • Firmness
    5/8 Medium
  • 80 90 100 105 135 140 150 160 180 200
  • 180 180 (Duo) 190 190 (Duo) 200 200 (Duo) 210 210 (Duo)

 The functionality of design

The high quality Diamond model looks for the balance between modernness and practicality in its finishes. Details such as the zip that surrounds the cover and enables you to remove it whenever you want.

The cover has a padding with high quantity of natural fibres that together with the texture of the Velur fabric,  enables us to enjoy an exceptional sensation of softness.

The handles on the corners enable us to turn the mattress over without excessive strength so that you can use any of the sides that the 100% Talalay latex nucleus provides.

Core composition: " same composition on both sides"

Velur fabric, exceptional softness

Microclimate fibre, excellent therm regulator

Cotton, helps evacuation of humidity

wild silk, softness and quick recovery

Fabric 50% cotton and 50% PE

Protection cover 50%cotton and 50% PE

Soft Talalay latex

Medium Talalay latex

Core composition:

3cm Soft Talalay latex

12cm Medium Talalay latex

3cm Soft talalay latex



TYPE OF MODEL: removable cover with zip

NUCLEUS: 100% Talalay latex 75% kg/m3

FABRIC: Velur fabric, 75% cotton and 25% PES

PADDING: cotton, wild silk and Microclimate fibre

TOTAL HEIGHTS: 20.5 and 23.5cm

FIRMNESS: soft- medium


Dunlopillo Diamond 24 Talalay Latex mattress - Dunlopillo

  • Natural comfort fibre

    Natural comfort fibre

  • Temperature comfort

    Temperature comfort

  • Exceptional elasticity

    Exceptional elasticity

  • Core Symmetric design

    Core Symmetric design

  • Latex Talalay

    Latex Talalay

    Original latex.
    TALALAY LATEX = elasticity + open cell.

  • Anti bacterial fungicide

    Anti bacterial fungicide

  • System Duo

    System Duo

    The DUO SYSTEM is manufacturedfromcertainmeasures, an independent system for each body but joined at the same time.

    Thanks to its system of double zip with opening (from foot and headboard), duo system offers the comfort of a double bed with the independence of a single bed.

  • Talalay soft

    Talalay soft

  • Fabrics of confidence

    Fabrics of confidence

    The certificate Öko-Tex Standard 100 built-in the fabric confirms that the products do not represent a potential health risk for containing noxious substances.

  • Articulated design

    Articulated design

  • Sanitized


    Sanitized is a treatment that combines different bactericide and fungicide agents that avoid the increase of bacteria and fungus and, at the same time, absorb and destroy its nutrients.

  • 100% Talalay latex nucleus

    100% Talalay latex nucleus

Made with the best latex on the market , Diamond contains a cover made with natural silk and wool and ultra comfort Talaly latex for a soft and natural first touch and Medium Talalay latex for a better comfort and duration.

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