Simmons Beautyrest Luxury Gold Pocket spring mattress Recommended


Simmons Beautyrest Luxury Gold Pocket spring mattress

  • Fabric 52% Viscose - 20% Biosens - 17% Cotton - 11% Polypropylene
  • Adaptability
    10/10 High
  • Firmness
    5/8 Medium
  • 80 90 100 120 130 140 150 160 180 200
  • 190 190 (Duo) 200 200 (Duo) 210 210 (Duo)

Simmons Beautyrest Gold


TWINSOFT suspension 20 firm line 1600

Double case system with pocket springs for a unique combination.

The first case gives you an optimal subjection and adapts to your body offering you an exceptional embrace.

The second case absorbs and spreads the pressure progressively throughout the body, adapting perfectly to each person.

Firmer suspension on the sides and reinforced steel frame.

As it doesn't loose it's shape it guarantees the aesthetics of the mattress and perimeter reinforcement.

NO FLIP system ( doesn't have to be turned over)

A technological evolution which stops you from having to turn the mattress over every season.


Memory foam 4cm Ultra Soft, density 42kg/m3

Thermo sensitive foam that adapts to all parts of the body and gives a soft comfort. It's naturally hippo allergenic, anti mites and anti mildew.

Pure virgin wool 1kg/m2. Alpaca 100gr/m2. Cashmere/Silk 100gr/m2 (50%cashmere, 50% silk)

Natural and noble fillings for an acclimatized comfort both in summer and winter

HR “So Soft” 3cm, density 23 kg/m3

Extra soft reception.

“Interior Simmons quilting depending on the padding” sewn traditionally by hand

 Perfect stabilization throughout time


No Flip Side Trip'Air (3D), internal structure with micro air bubbles.

Regulates temperature and self ventilates throughout all seasons. 


4 fabric handles padded and embroidered.

Easy to handle and personalised finishes

Elegantly labelled and ennobled draught excluder

Luxury finishes.


The GOLD FIRM mattress, is suggested to go on a 100% spring pocket base of 21cm high. (made with 320 springs for a base of 140x190cm).





Simmons Beautyrest Luxury Gold Pocket spring mattress - Simmons

  • Made in France

    Made in France

  • 100% Pocket spring

    100% Pocket spring

  • Alpaca


  • Ouate Quallofil by Dacron

    Ouate Quallofil by Dacron

  • Cachmere


    This fine and expensive wool, provides you with an excellent termoregulator (cold/hot).


  • Pure wool

    Pure wool

  • No Flip System

    No Flip System

    Because it's always a pain to turn the mattress over. Depending on the season of the year, SIMMONS have created the NO FLIP system, that avoids you from doing this useless work.

    It's only side acclimates to which ever season of the year and creates a microclimate that adapts to the changes in temperature for an optimal comfort, maintaining a perfect ventilation and hygiene.

    It combines with the Sensoft and Duetto technologies, this only side offers an optimum comfort all year, day or night, and is ideal for the health of your spine.

  • Pure silk

    Pure silk

  • So Soft

    So Soft


    Foam that offers a soft contact and well being feeling.

  • Certified quality

    Certified quality

  • System Trip'Air

    System Trip'Air

    It's a 3D fabric equipped with an internal network of micro air bags, this permits an perspiration and regulation of temperature in all stations.


  • Capitonnage handmade

    Capitonnage handmade

  • Viscoelastic foam

    Viscoelastic foam

    It's a thermo sensitive foam that has the capacity to return to its initial position, it adapts perfectly to the natural shape of the body.

  • 5 year Warranty

    5 year Warranty

  • Tecnologia TWINSOFT

    Tecnologia TWINSOFT

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