Simmons Constellation Pocket spring mattress


Simmons Constellation Pocket spring mattress

  • Fabric 100 % viscose
  • Firmness
    5/8 Medium
  • Thickness 29 cm

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  • 190 190 (Duo) 200 200 (Duo) 210 210 (Duo)

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High quality pocket spring mattress with natural products

Comfort: Firm and independent

Reception: Smooth

Natural refinement

A soft reception, progressive support on each part of the body, elegant and up to date aesthetics... luxury, calm and voluptuous.

Enjoy also the quality of a high quality mattress partially handmade and its 100% natural filling: wool and natural silk for a cozy comfort all winter and pure cotton for maximum freshness in summer.

The constellation mattress is recommended for a ressort qualisom couture 100% base 21 cm high. (320 springs for a base of 140x190)


1150 independently wrapped Duetto springs (mattress140 x190)

Independent and anatomic support

Double spring Duetto system:The upper pocket spring against a lower pocket spring 

soft reception and progressive support on each part of the body

Reinforced suspension along the sides and reinforced laminated steel frame

guarantee of no geometric deformity  of the mattress and no collapsing of the sides

Handmade interior padding (35 squares for a 140x190 mattress)

perfect stabilization and paddings throughout time

Wadding 30 Gr/m2 on each side

Thermic isolation with a hypoallergenic material

So soft mousse 3cm,  net density 23 kg/m3 on each side

extra soft reception


Pure virgin wool 1kg/m2  and silk 100 Gr 

Conditioned comfort for the winter with more natural and noble paddings


Pure white cotton 1kg/m2 Alpaca 100 Gr and 200 Gr linen

 thick padding which ensures a feeling of well-being in summer


5 embroidered handles

Easy handling and personalized finishes

silver plated ventilation

Total and permanent ventilation

Noble and quality finishes

Exceptional finishes


Also available with 100% organic cotton fabric, for more information


Simmons Constellation Pocket spring mattress - Simmons

  • Cashmere winter side

    Cashmere winter side

  • 5 year Warranty

    5 year Warranty

  • Wool winter side

    Wool winter side

  • Made in France

    Made in France

  • Pure silk winter side

    Pure silk winter side

  • Alpaca


  • Pure wool

    Pure wool

  • pocket springs

    pocket springs

    Technical specifications:

    • A soft first touch thanks to the upper side of pocket springs, softer, that reacts with the pressure of the body.
    • A progressive adjustment that is made by the central part of the pocket spring, more rigid, that gives you a continuously and evolving subjection.
    • A more comfortable subjection thanks to the Sensoft technology that absorbs the smallest movement and reacts as a booster of comfort
  • Linen


  • So Soft

    So Soft


    Foam that offers a soft contact and well being feeling.

  • Certified quality

    Certified quality

  • System Trip'Air

    System Trip'Air

    It's a 3D fabric equipped with an internal network of micro air bags, this permits an perspiration and regulation of temperature in all stations.


  • Stuffed with Elivéa

    Stuffed with Elivéa

    High resilience foam equipped with air channels on all it’s surfaces and open cell for a natural ventilation. Thanks to it’s composition, it gradually absorbs the pressure points supporting the spine.

  • Duetto System

    Duetto System

  • Guata Thermo

    Guata Thermo


    Wadding 100% Polyester made of fine fibers and stretch fibers. For its composition, the wadding balances the variations of your body heat and creates a personalized micro climate for a repairing rest.

  • Cotton summer side

    Cotton summer side

  • Capitonnage handmade

    Capitonnage handmade