• Who is behind Dormitum?

    Behind Dormitum there is a company with more than 42 years of experience in the mattress sector. We advise you to enter in the section “Our company” to know us better.

  • What are the payment options?

    You can pay through bank transfer or by credit card. Both ways are valid and secure. When you make the purchase, the last step is to choose your preference of payment.

  • Is it secure to pay by credit card?

    Yes. Purchasing by credit card at Dormitum is 100% secure since that the information from you credit card goes straight through a secure server of "Banco Sabadell" and therefore that information will neither be registered in any file of Dormitum nor will be accesible to any user.

  • What are the costs to have it sent?

    The costs for sending bases and matresses for Spain (peninsula and Balears), is free always that it's value is more than 400€. For the rest of Europe, Canary islands, Ceuta and the Melilla you can check on info@dormitum.com or by telephoning us on +34-972 57 32 62. For the rest of the products the price states automatically based on weight and destination.

  • When is the deadline?

    The deadline depends on the make and availability. Normaly, the deadline is of 15 days for the makes Dunlopillo and Sonpura, 3 weeks for Metzeler and 6 weeks for Simmons, Schramm and Hypnos.

  • Is it possible to return the purchases?

    Only in the case that there is a manufacture defect, you can not return a mattress if you've done a bad use of it. The guarantee only covers manufacturing defects.

  • Which base is recommended for each mattress?

    There are different mattresses with different compositions. Depending on what composition it has, we recommend one base or another: For Latex mattresses: Flexible multilaminate base (22 to 24 slats) For pocket spring mattresses in medium and lower range: We recommend Upholstered base or a Fixed divan or divan with springs is more advisable. For pocket spring mattresses of high range: We recommend a spring divan. For viscoelastic mattresses: We recommend a flexible slats base.

  • What size mattresses exist?

    In Spain, standard measures range from 80x180 to 200x200 and as a standard double 150x190 In Europe, standard measures range from 80x200 to 200x220 and as a standard double they are 140x200 or 160x200

  • Can you clean your mattress?

    You can clean mattresses that have removable holsters and also mattresses that have Damasc fabric with specific cleaning products

  • Are mattresses certified and tested?

    Almost all quality mattresses come with quality certificates which the European Community requires.

  • How often do we need to change our mattress?

    If we take into account standard weights until a maximum of 90kg and a middle or high range mattress, lifespan would be about 10 years, that's why there are makes that customize mattresses which would have the same lifespan even if the weights are 150kg or more. For weights more than 90kg in a medium range mattress, lifespan is about 8 years.

  • Are there solutions in order to not have to clean your mattress?

    A very useful way of maintaining your mattress 10 years is to use mattress protectors ( impermeable and perspiring)

  • How often do you have to flip your mattress over?

    When you use your mattress for the first time, it's recommended you flip it over once a month to so that it adapts to both sides. From 6 months it's recommended you flip it over 4 times a year. If the mattress is Latex we recommend you flip it over every month or month and a half during it's whole lifespan. If the mattress has the No flip system, you don't have to flip it over at all, only turn it around head to feet 2 or 3 times a year.

  • How long does a mattress last?

    It depends on which mattress: Latex mattresses have expiry date. The more natural they are the more deterioration they can have even if you don't use them There are oven heat tempered pocket spring mattresses which have a longer lifespan than electrically heat tempered ones. A mattress is not only changed when it deteriorates but also for hygiene, the reason being that the body releases dozens of liters over the years which can produce bad smells and dust mites (that's why we recommen

  • What treatments does a mattress require?

    Turn it over when needed, protect it with a mattress protector, avoid abrupt jumps and havie it accompanied by an appropriate base.

  • Do we have to take into account the weight of the bodies?

    Yes, the weight is very important, and even more important when it comes to choosing your mattress if there is a very big weight difference with your partner. For those people with a standard weight ( until 90km and 185cm height) it's recommended a medium or soft mattress with the finality of it absorbing the body parts so that the spine is straight For those people with a weight over 90 km we recommend a firm or medium mattress depending on hight, but always with the finality of keep

  • which are the best body postures for a better rest?

    The two most recommended postures would be on your side of face up. Face down isn't recommended. We have to make sure that the posture enables us to breathe easily with no pressure or strain.