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Why a good mattress?

In our daily life routine we organize our day in different parts: Work, eat and sleep.

The hours dedicated to work are 8 hours a day, before, meanwhile and after work , we spend some hours nourishing our body whereby we regenarate our energy during the day.

Lots of us dedicate some minutes after lunch to have a nap and the ones who don't because they can't or don't want to, we recommend they do, between 15 and 45 minutes.

The regeneration of the body has to be complete, during the 8 hours of rest at night. During these hours, the room we sleep in should be completely dark and at an appropriate temperature; not cold or hot, well ventilated and free from electronics and magnetic fields.

All these requirements are very good, but they are incomplete. The main element in the room is the bed and as the star element the mattress. A good mattress is the one that adapts to the body not mattering the weight. A good mattress is that one that enables the most sensitive and protruding parts of the body (hip and shoulders) to sink in easily and therefore aline the spine. This way, we avoid there being pressure points.