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Purchase conditions

Legal warning


According to Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we inform you this website and the domain dormitum.com belongs to Pere Puigvert Masdevall (hereinafter Dormitum ), residing at Pg. de la Generalitat, 18 Banyoles (CP 17820), tel. and fax +34 972 57 32 62, e-mail  info@dormitum.com and NIF 40286145N


Making an order

To be able to make the order you must be over 18 years old and able to be reached  by phone.

To make an order you can do it by adding products to the  trolley, through our e-mail vendes@dormitum.com or through our telephone number +34972 57 32 62.

The purchase will have to be made through the country/region of the web, coinciding with the country/region of the delivery address of the products.


Purchases made through other ways will not be accepted.

Once your purchase has been accepted, we will proceed to order your products to our suppliers within the maximum time approximately, shown on the web page on each product, and you will receive your order. in the case of the products having different delivery deadlines, the order will prevail on the later date.

In this last case you can choose weather you want to receive your order in one or  two  deliveries. (see section: prices for transport).



The prices on our web page are with VAT included.

Exceptionally, the prices shown on the web page of Dormitum, could be specified in the wrong way. I f this was the case, and your order had been confirmed, we would let you know as soon as the error was detected, with the purpose of making a new confirmation of the order. In the case of the price being much more expensive, you will be able to cancel your order, giving you back the amount that you have paid.


Payment of the purchases

Credit card: You will be able to pay instantly through a totally secure service of direct charge with the Cyberpac of the "bank sabadell".

All the transactions that you make through the Cyberpac, will have the best guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity for whom is making the payment: cardholders, their issuers, commercial establishments and their acquiring entities.

Implements the SSL (secure sockets layer) to all the communications, which prevents the interception of the information to third parties.

Therefore, confidentiality is assured in all communications that are made throughout the transaction.

Bank transfer: The payments through bank transfer, if you are customer of "La Caixa", you are offered the possibility to do it through internet with the service "La caixa oberta", otherwise, you will have to print the details that are on the screen and make the transfer from any other bank before 4 days.


Cofidis finance: in order to make a finance through Cofidis the minimnum is 400 €

"Finance offer in subject to approvement by the Cofidis SA branch Offices in Spain"




Purchase delivery

The approximate time of delivery, can be  checked on the page of each product.

The delivery period starts for payment with:

  • Credit card: From the confirmation of the order
  • Bank transfer: From the moment that Dormitum are confirmed the amount in their account.
  • Cofidis: From the moment that Cofidis accept the finance and have recieved all the documentation needed.

The deadlines are on weekdays from Monday to Friday, except for bank holidays, both of the place of delivery and the place of departure.

Before the delivery, the carrier will contact you to specify a day and time for the delivery. For the small products you won't be warned beforehand, but in the case that you aren't at home at the time of the delivery we will leave you a notice with a telephone number and you will have 2 options: specify another day for the delivery or go and fetch it at the place we indicate you.

The transport of the products is covered for an insurance of 100% of it's value. In the case of the delivery showing damages, you will have to state it on the delivery note of the carrier. We will not accept claims beyond 24 hours from the reception of the products.

The claims for damages during the transport will have to be informed to Dormitum within the time previously stated.

Remember not to through away the packaging of the products until you have checked that they are in perfect conditions and you have verified that all the product coincide with your order.

In the case of disagreement with the transport agency, we ask you to please get in contact with Dormitum.

The products will be delivered and placed in the house specified in the order.


Removal service:

In the case of having hired the service of removing old products, the carrier will take away the same amount of products that are delivered to you, therefore they will have to be disassembled and ready to take away.

This service doesn't include the removal of other additional products  or furniture, for example, headboards, legs and any type of structures, nor transport them to another house, as the products that are collected will be thrown where they belong.


Note: The small articles don't have the service of collection of the old ones, neither the installation nor assembly.


Special service and/or removal

The service of transport isn't authorized for taking up the purchases through the outside of the building, nor using any mechanism to take up or down the stairs or in any interior space of the household. It is of your responsibility to check that the purchases will be able to be installed in their place or removed out to the street.

To hire a special service, you can do it by sending an e-mail to info@dormitum.com and the price of the service will be told to you through the same way.

Both services will only be able to be hired during the making of the order, never when it has already been made.


Returning the products

For hygiene issues, with the products of rest we don't accept changes or returning them once the plastic cover has been taken off.

In no case will we accept changes for the special measures, except for those that show damages from the manufacturing.


If you want to return a product, it will have to be in it's plastic wrapping and within 7 days from the reception of the purchase.

The refund will be made within 15 days from the reception of the returned products.

Any expense produced from returning the product, for which Dormitum is not responsible of  will be charged to the customer.

In the case that you receive a product that you haven't ordered, you will have to get in contact with Dormitum and keep it in good conditions until Dormitum changes or fetches the product and gives you back the amount paid for your purchase.


Prices of transport (includes taking into the house)

The expenses for sending bases and mattresses in Spain (peninsula and Balears) is free as long as their cost exceeds 400€

For the rest of the products, the price is stipulated automatically according to it's weight and destination.

For multiple deliveries or deliveries outside the Spanish peninsula and Balears, consult prices of the transport through our e-mail info@dormitum.com or on our telephone +34 972 57 62 62



The warranty of each brand


Intellectual and industrial property rights

The whole content of this website, logotypes, texts, pictures, designs and other items, as well as the structure, design, combinations of colours and the contents presentation manner, is affected by industrial and intellectual property rights owned by DORMITUM or by third parties with whom DORMITUM has negotiated its use. These rights must be respected by websites users. DORMITUM introduces all this information through its website with the aim of advertising its activities. DORMITUM warns that all these information can only be used for this purpose and quoting its source.


Responsibility of the contents

The user of this web page accesses to it by his own account and initiative. DORMITUM doesn't take responsibility for the errors or omissions that can affect its content. The references that are shown in dormitum.com have an exclusive function of informing and don't oblige the user of the web page until the confirmation of the acceptance of a contract. DORMITUM won't be able to be considered responsible of any damage that derives from the use of this web page, or of any action made on base of the information that has been given.

DORMITUM declines any responsibility in respect to the information shown on any other websites accessible from this site. These links are meant only to provide additional information and are not meant to be taken as a suggestion or invitation to the link website. DORMITUM is not responsible for the content of these sites, as these are not controlled or certified by Dormitum.


Data protection

In accordance with data personal data protection laws (article 5 ley organica 15/1999 of 13 December) DORMITUM informs the user that all personal information gained through our website will be stored in files only used by Dormitum for the delivery of purchased material.


Authorization to link with dormitum.com

External links to any part of this website are authorized only when the corresponding real address is visible in the internet address bar. Links can be created using the address, the company name and/or other keywords.


Force majeure

Dormitum is committed, whenever possible, to honor the terms of each contract. DORMITUM will not be held responsible for late delivery or breach of contract in the case of force majeure. In either of these cases the contract will be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Applicable law

In the case of disagreement between parties , everything possible will be done to resolve it in an efficient manner. If this was not possible, and legal actions needed to be taken, this would be taken is Spain following Spanish law.


General conditions

Failure to request the fulfillment of any terms of contract by either parties, does not affect the right to demand fulfillment at a later date and does not imply, in any case the annulment of the contract in question.

The invalidation of part or the totality of  any contract  clauses, does not affect the validity or need to fulfill  remaining clauses.