Schramm Purebeds - Chill Pure Complete Bed


Schramm Purebeds - Chill Pure Complete Bed

  • 140 160 180
  • 200 200 (Duo) 210 210 (Duo)


Rest set made with a spring base with legs and removable head base, mattresses with HR and pocket springs  and padded with natural fabrics like cotton.





Covers removable


Integrated padded bed suspension without adjustment.


Two motor adjustment, 4-part

Mains isolation, emergency lowering

Manual cable switch.

Mattress retaining bracket MHB

Option: Remote control



Serie: ZF 10, Beech Natural 

Series: ZF 10, Beech back

Option: MS10, alu, matt  -  MS -

Option: TB10, black  - TB -



Standard equipment: removable over

4 variants


Pocket spring mattress


multi-zone pocket spring

Thermically treated

Ticking 100% cotton

Tassel tacking



Version 1:   _____ 70 kg

Version 2: _______ 65kg / 90 kg

Version 3: ________ 80 kg / 120 kg


Note: In size 160x200 (Duo) one mattress and two bases ( 2 in 1)


Schramm Purebeds - Chill Pure Complete Bed - Schramm

  • Forming and tempering the springs

    Forming and tempering the springs

    Forming the spring
    To form the spring, the steel whire is summited to a special process for which the molecular structure of the steel is transformed, loosing certain original characteristics. The result is a spring with a perfect optical appearance but still incomplete in it's function, so it needs lasting dynamics and elasticity.

    Tempering the spring
    To restore the spring's  maximum dynamic and power, it's essential to temper it after its formation. To do this it is heated by electromagnetic or a high temperatured boiler causing the steel to regain its molecular structure and total initial functionality. That's when the spring is able to provide the high demands of a mattress, because after the heat-tempering it gaines dynamic and permanent elasticity.

    Quality of the spring
    Schramm only uses springs that have been thermaly heat-tempered in boilers for all its matresses and bases so that is the only process that guaratees that the springs will keep their potential, dynamics and long lasting shape. During the tempering, the schramm springs are parallely  subjected to a process of demagnetization.

    Quality of finishes
    Schramm is the only european manufacterer that still works with pocket spring matresses hand made. But ofcourse, this method is more costly and complicated... but it's essential for quality reasons. Now a days the coated springs are made industrally, but if the springs have been heat-tempered according to the law of this trade, they can't be worked on in this method.

    Respecting the value of it's quality, Schramm only uses heat-tempered springs, and this means that the matresses with pocket springs will allways need the handcrafted finishes.

  • Removable Headboard

    Removable Headboard

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