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  • The ideal Mattress

The ideal Mattress

We review your case and we advice the bed set the most suitable to your needs

  • What do you need?

  • Which mattress base do you have?



  • What kind of mattress base do you need?

  • What kind of mattress will you use with this base?

  • If you know the make and model of your mattress, write it down

  • How will you sleep?

  • Weight and hight

    Height Weight
    Person 1
    Person 2
  • With which frequency will you sleep in this bed?

  • Is heat a problem for you? (And/or your couple)

  • Would you like your mattress to have natural products?

  • What feeling do you get from a greater well-being? (You and your partner)

  • Do you wake up with cramps or pain in your shoulder

    Person 1  
    Person 2  
  • Do you have any type of pain?

    Person 1  
    Type of pain:
    Person 2  
    Type of pain: