Schramm Divina 80 Pocket spring mattress Recommended


Schramm Divina 80 Pocket spring mattress

  • Fabric 01923 - 100% Viscose of Cotton
  • Firmness
    3/8 Soft
  • Thickness 30 cm
  • Mattresses Mythos y Divina Are sold only with Schramm bases

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A new dimension of sleeping 90 years of handcraft tradition.

Five years of development and intricate work: DIVINA, the fantastic manufactory mattress sets new standards throughout Europe with perceptibly increased comfort. DIVINA is available in five different spring tensions. The handcrafted functionality, the natural flexibility and the incomparable bed climate are geared towards a target audience with uncompromising high demands for comfort and luxury. 

The new, of course heat-tempered pocket springs are made of steel which has been twisted into nine coils, providing dynamics working softly and flexibly. Superb padding materials such as linen, silk, pure new wool and also lyocell or kapok (on demand) are perceptible and to be experienced with all your senses. 


  • Integral pocket spring core boasting an even force progression by blending different spring tensions along the longitudinal axis of the mattress, adjusted to individual parts of the body. Pure manufactory work.
  • App. 500 cylindrical springs (for a mattress size of 100 by 200 cm), individually hand-sewn into cotton pockets.
  • Thermal furnace tempered springs for unsurpassed elasticity and lasting spring tension.
  • Patented shoulder cavity, especially for side sleepers: springs of reduced tension and highly elastic cotton ticking in the shoulder area.
  • Highly elastic padding of natural latex with air chambers.
  • Best possible bed climate: Elaborate stitching of padding materials (no gluing) provides for all-round aeration
  • Five different formulas according to body weight, weight distribution and personal well-being
  • Additional silk/linen padding layer for increased convenience.
  • Carrying handles on all four sides of the mattress.

Schramm Divina 80 Pocket spring mattress - Schramm

  • Forming and tempering the springs

    Forming and tempering the springs

    Forming the spring
    To form the spring, the steel whire is summited to a special process for which the molecular structure of the steel is transformed, loosing certain original characteristics. The result is a spring with a perfect optical appearance but still incomplete in it's function, so it needs lasting dynamics and elasticity.

    Tempering the spring
    To restore the spring's  maximum dynamic and power, it's essential to temper it after its formation. To do this it is heated by electromagnetic or a high temperatured boiler causing the steel to regain its molecular structure and total initial functionality. That's when the spring is able to provide the high demands of a mattress, because after the heat-tempering it gaines dynamic and permanent elasticity.

    Quality of the spring
    Schramm only uses springs that have been thermaly heat-tempered in boilers for all its matresses and bases so that is the only process that guaratees that the springs will keep their potential, dynamics and long lasting shape. During the tempering, the schramm springs are parallely  subjected to a process of demagnetization.

    Quality of finishes
    Schramm is the only european manufacterer that still works with pocket spring matresses hand made. But ofcourse, this method is more costly and complicated... but it's essential for quality reasons. Now a days the coated springs are made industrally, but if the springs have been heat-tempered according to the law of this trade, they can't be worked on in this method.

    Respecting the value of it's quality, Schramm only uses heat-tempered springs, and this means that the matresses with pocket springs will allways need the handcrafted finishes.

  • The climate for sleep

    The climate for sleep

    Did you know that a sleeping person looses an avarage of half a litre of moisture every night? A bit of that is absorbed by sleepwear and bedding - but the far more important role played during transfer of moisture is the aeration and ventilation of the matress.

    A good sleep needs air
    A perfect air circulation is the fundamental requirement to make the environment in the bed  nice and healthy. The ventilation of the mattress not only provides a natural balance of the temperature but also allows the moisture generated during your sleep to  evaporate immediately.

    A good sleep needs Schramm
    Schramm guarantees a free movement of air in the mattresses. The Schramm sleeping system allows the air to circulate in all directions. If you change your position on a bed Schramm,  it generates a pressure or suction of air through both the mattresses that  doesn't  give any chance for  formation of moisture or condensation.

    A good sleep requires perfection
    In order to obtain the maximum possible airflow, Schramm withdraws to glue the materials. Therefore, Schramm padding materials are not covered by a layer of glue, but allow maximum air transport. Instead of sticking, the layers of padding are joined by a high-quality handcrafted sewing . Therefore, the materials ideally combine and retain their original nature.

    This detail,designedto perfection isone ofthose responsible for a remarkable climateof sleep in the system Schramm.

  • Body-adaption (version)

    Body-adaption (version)

    5 spring combinations with a differet spring types over the entire length of the mattress, depending on your sense of well being/body weight:

    Spring combination 1: up to 55 Kg.
    Spring combination 2: from 50 Kg to 75 Kg.
    Spring combination 3: from 65 Kg to 90 Kg.
    Spring combination 4: from 80 Kg to 125 Kg.
    Spring combination 5: as from 120 Kg.

    The combinations are oriented, e.g.  if you weigh 55 Kg. you can choose the combination 1, for a softer first contact and a more adaptable rest or the combination 2, for a  softer first contact and a  firmer rest.

  • Shoulder rest S


    Reduced tension of the springs and lycra material to compensate the pressure that the angle produces from the shoulder in side position.