Serta Chevalier Confort Top Pocket spring mattress Recommended


Serta Chevalier Confort Top Pocket spring mattress

  • Fabric 100% cotton / 100 % viscose
  • Firmness
    6/8 Medium-Firm
  • Thickness 33 cm

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  • 180 180 (Duo) 190 190 (Duo) 200 200 (Duo)

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High quality No Flip mattress ( you don't turn it around)

The rest on a Chevalier model is by certainty a rest of maximum level comfort. Thanks to its design with Comfort Top technology, we achieve in offering you a product with the best sensations that will provide you an exclusive quality rest that will surprise you.


Core: Pocket springs with 3 comfort zones and 100% latex

Fibre: 100% Viscose

Side fibre: 45% cotton and 55% PE

Padding:1000 gr/m2 cotton, 300 gr/m2 linen, 1000 gr/m2 wool  and 650 gr/m2 Advanced comfort fibre

Top padding: 125 gr/m2 cotton, 125 gr/m2 silk, 125 gr/m2 wool, 160 gr/m2 advanced comfort fibre, 100% ultra comfort latex and foam comfort

Side handles: 4 horizontal embroidered handles

Buttons: 100% cotton thread

Height: 35 Cm

Serta Chevalier Confort Top Pocket spring mattress - Serta

  • Pocket Spring

    Pocket Spring

    Get fit in movement and exceptional adaptability. Spring height of 14 cm, six and a half laps in the form of a barrel with a thickness of 1.90 and 1.80 mm. About 700 springs in a 150x190 cm mattress.

  • Mohair


    From the Angora, a goat from Tibet generates the delicate mohair fiber. Excellent insulation that absorbs and releases moisture from the air, is cool in summer and warm in winter with great natural resistance.

  • Bamboo


    The bamboo fiber is extremely soft so it gives us a greater softness of comfort and thanks to its structure favors the transpiration of the core and helps the absorption of moisture.

  • Cotton


    Its most outstanding qualities are the evacuation of moisture, maximum transpiration, resistance to breakage by traction, its elasticity and its insulating property prevents the possibility of allergic reactions.

  • Camel wool

    Camel wool

    Soft and silky material, high strength and maximum elasticity. Having a hollow structure gives excellent results in terms of thermal insulation. It also does not cause allergies.

  • Trevira Bioactive

    Trevira Bioactive

    They incorporate silver ions at their disposal and they become an antibacterial and fungicidal material. With natural fibers it creates a layer that absorbs perspiration, prevents odors and fights fungi and bacteria.

  • Dynamic


    The core of the mattress is designed to be articulated on an electric bed if you lose any of its comfort qualities. We gain practicality while maintaining a rest of the highest quality.

Serta Comfort Chevalier Mattress Top

The Chevalier Comfort Top mattress is the best achieved, taking into account the way Americans do: a thick mattress, No Flip, with natural products and a topper incorporated on one side.

The fact of not having to turn it makes life easier for sleepers, even if the mattress lasts a little less when we always use it of the same side. It can be turned from head to foot and in this way we give it longer durability.

The Chevalier Comfort Top mattress can be placed in an infinity of bases, such as upholstered base, wooden base, spring canapé, fixed canapé and others.