B-Sensible 48cm 2 en 1 Protector

  • Fabric 75% Lyocell (65%Tencel y 10% SmartCel™ Sensitive) y 25% Modal (Tencel™)
  • For mattresses up to 40 cm ᛨ

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  • Waterproof fitted sheets & pillowcases
  • Soft & light
  • Practical & comfortable
  • Thermo-regulating, breathable
  • Kind to your skin
  • 100% natural Tencel fabric

100% natural Tencel nanofibre offers a unique combination of the most desirable characteristics for the comfort and care of your skin.

The breathable, waterproof, stretchable Sensible membrane protects your bedding, providing a barrier against mites, bacteria, etc

Technical Features

  • Natural Fiber
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Thermo-regulating fabric
  • Anti-mite barrier
  • Washable Max. 95ºC White and 60ºC Colours
  • Fitted
  • Can be tumble dried
  • Non-iron
  • Do not use bleach !!
Duo measurements design
Duo measurements design
  • Tencel


    With TENCEL ® begins a new era in fiber technology. The greatest progress has occurred thanks to the development of special nano-fibrillar structure of this fiber.TENCEL ®, made ​​from cellulose wood pulp, offers a unique combination of the best advantages of artificial and natural fibers: soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and as absorbent as cotton. The latest in fibers.

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100

    Oeko-Tex Standard 100

    The Öko-Tex Standard 100 is a distinctive European character that guarantees the Absence of harmful substances in textile products during the whole process of transformation, until it gets to the consumer.

    The textile ecology covers three different areas: ecology production , human ecology and ecology of waste. The distinctive Öko-Tex Standard 100 would be found  in what is known as human ecology.

  • Dermofresh


    DERMOFRESH® technology offers the new generation of exclusive technical fabrics for rest. It is the perfect combination of TENCEL ™ + SMARTCEL ™ sensitive fiber + polyurethane membrane that acts as a second skin.

  • Waterproof


    The fine polyurethane membrane prevents liquid from penetrating the mattress at the same time as acting as a dust mite barrier.

  • Breathable


    The fabric acts like a second skin: it doesn’t let liquids seep through, and yet it is completely breathable.

  • Natural


    The fabric’s surface is 100% natural: TENCEL™/SMARTCEL™sensitive. Free from chemical treatments.

  • Dust mite proof

    Dust mite proof

    Owing to the fine polyurethane membrane, the fabric acts as a dust mite barrier, preventing the inhalation of the dust mite droppings which cause respiratory allergies. Free from chemical treatments.

  • Noiseless


    Completely discreet fabric: unnoticeable and noiseless.

  • Antibacterial


    Owing to the TENCEL Lyocell fibre, with excellent moisture control, and SMARTCEL sensitive, with its important antibacterial properties, bacterial growth is prevented. Free from chemical treatments.

  • Easy care

    Easy care

    Allows washing machine at 95 ° C white and 60ºC colors and dryer at low temperature.
  • Bi-elastic


    Elasticated along the length and width of the fabric. It perfectly adapts to the product it protects.

  • Cosmetic effect

    Cosmetic effect

    Zinc oxide cares for your skin and naturally supports skin cell regeneration.

  • Fresh effect

    Fresh effect

    TENCEL and SMARTCEL sensitive fibres prevent odour-causing bacterial and fungal growth. Free from chemical treatments.

  • Respectful towards the environment

    Respectful towards the environment

    The manufacturing process of both the fabric and the finished product is respectful towards the environment.

  • Soft


    The surface is exceptionally smooth and kind to skin. Perfect for sensitive skin.

  • 100% European product

    100% European product

    The B-Sensible brand is currently the only group in Europe with a fully vertical manufacturing process. It begins in the spinning department and continues in the dyeing, laminating and manufacturing department of the different product ranges.

  • British Allergy Foundation

    British Allergy Foundation

    The British Allergy Foundation certifies that it is beneficial for people with respiratory and dermatological allergies.

  • Smartcel


    Smartcel fiber It has great antibacterial properties that inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and fungi naturally, without chemical additives. Thanks to this, bad odors are reduced, and they help accelerate the regeneration of skin cells.



  • Tested quality

    Tested quality

    "Tested quality" certifies the reduction of bacteria and fungi that cause bad odors permanently. Naturally comfortable for a restful sleep.

  • Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    Surface of 100% natural origin: TENCEL ™ Lyocell.