Simmons Fascination Pocket spring mattress


Simmons Fascination Pocket spring mattress

  • Fabric SA: 84% viscose - 16% polyamide
  • Thickness 31 cm

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High-end mattress with mini pocked-springs and natural products

Comfort to choose: Firm or Medium Firm

Reception: Adaptable


Let yourself be seduced by the exceptional benefits of this high-end mattress: a soft rezeption, an independent and progressive support for each part of the body ... Let yourself be seduced by its refined aesthetics and natural quilts: pure wool, cashmere and natural silk for a cozy comfort throughout the winter, pure cotton, linen and silk for a pleasant sensation of freshness in summer.

The mini pocked-Springs of Duetto technology allow to obtain a millimeter response. Each movement is accompanied in a precise and instantaneous way. Even the most delicate dream is preserved.

Sleep in the position you want: distributed harmoniously, the springs provide the same support and comfort from one end of   the bed to the other.
Limit sleep cuts thanks to the independence of sides.
A good night's sleep thanks to the comfort foam
A custom-made dream: the Fascination mattress is available in two comforts: Medium and Medium-Firm.



     Silky fabric: 85% viscose and 15% polyamide
     Quata Thermoplus (400 gr / m2)
     Soft comfort foam (30 mm)
     Cashmere / linen / silk blend (100 gr / m2)
     Pure virgin wool (1000 gr / m2)
     1584 Duetto® Pocket springs and laminated steel frames (140x190 cm beds)
     35 capitones (beds of 140x190 cm)


     Cotton (1000 gr / m2)
     Firm comfort foam (18 mm)
     Alpaca (100 gr / m2) and linen (200 gr / m2)
     Quata Thermoplus (400 gr / m2)
     Silky fabric: 85% viscose and 15% polyamide


Also available with 100% organic cotton fabric, for more information

Simmons Fascination Pocket spring mattress - Simmons

  • Linene summer side

    Linene summer side

  • Made in France

    Made in France

  • Cashmere winter side

    Cashmere winter side

  • Alpaca


  • Wool winter side

    Wool winter side

  • So Soft

    So Soft


    Foam that offers a soft contact and well being feeling.

  • Pure silk winter side

    Pure silk winter side

  • Guata Thermo

    Guata Thermo


    Wadding 100% Polyester made of fine fibers and stretch fibers. For its composition, the wadding balances the variations of your body heat and creates a personalized micro climate for a repairing rest.

  • Certified quality

    Certified quality

  • 100% Pocket spring

    100% Pocket spring

  • Duetto System

    Duetto System

  • Stuffed with Elivéa

    Stuffed with Elivéa

    High resilience foam equipped with air channels on all it’s surfaces and open cell for a natural ventilation. Thanks to it’s composition, it gradually absorbs the pressure points supporting the spine.

  • Capitonnage handmade

    Capitonnage handmade

  • Cotton summer side

    Cotton summer side

  • 5 year Warranty

    5 year Warranty