Dunlopillo Luxor Soft 32 Pocket spring mattress Recommended


Dunlopillo Luxor Soft 32 Pocket spring mattress

  • Fabric 4% elastan, 18% viscosa y 78% PE
  • Firmness
    3/8 Soft
  • Thickness 32 cm

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Luxor Soft

The maximum expression  of  classic and handcrafted finishes together with the most vanguard aesthetics, make this model a perfect combination between classic and modern.

Luxury of design in your rest

The maximum expression  of  classic and handcrafted finishes together with the most vanguard aesthetics, make this high quality model a perfect combination between classic and modern.

The padding is in natural fibres with the design characteristic of the capitone system adding a maximum  quality and natural comfort to this model, which covers with an elastan component fabric the surface of these fibres, allowing us to feel straight away the adaptability  that the fibres have naturally when they come into contact with our body.

The high quality of it's fibres such as cotton, wool or linen are essential features for your rest such as humidity evacuation, thermic regulation and an excellent elasticity.

Its pocket spring core with a 100% calico fabric of the best quality comfort and durability complete the mattress for a luxury rest.


TYPE OF MODEL:  closed with double border line with capitone system

NUCLEUS: Combined pocket spring 15 cm high in a 100% calico cotton fabric and 3cm Talalay latex soft 75 kg/m3

FABRIC: 4% Elastan, 18% viscose and 78% PE

TOP AND BOTTOM PADDING: 1.000 gr/m2 wool, 500 gr/m2 Flax and 400 gr/m2 microclimate fiber.

SIDE FABRIC: 44% Cotton and 56% Viscose




Stretch fabric, maximum adaptability and comfort

Linen with great capacity of absorption

Cotton, helps evacuate humidity

Microclimate fibre, excellent thermal regulator

Calico cotton insulation for the natural fibres

isolation fabric, protection cover for the pocket springs

Pocket spring with calico cotton fabric






Dunlopillo Luxor Soft 32 Pocket spring mattress - Dunlopillo

  • Hand crafted manufacturing

    Hand crafted manufacturing

  • Natural comfort fibre

    Natural comfort fibre

  • Temperature comfort

    Temperature comfort

  • Pure rest

    Pure rest

    Dunlopillo has created this system using the best manufacture techniques with the highest quality raw material. With the combination of both, Dunlopillo's PLAIN REST has born. Products that specify the maximum adaptability and the best comfort existing in the market.

  • Exceptional elasticity

    Exceptional elasticity

  • Latex Talalay

    Latex Talalay

    Original latex.
    TALALAY LATEX = elasticity + open cell.

  • Core Symmetric design

    Core Symmetric design

  • Fabrics of confidence

    Fabrics of confidence

    The certificate Öko-Tex Standard 100 built-in the fabric confirms that the products do not represent a potential health risk for containing noxious substances.

  • Sanitized


    Sanitized is a treatment that combines different bactericide and fungicide agents that avoid the increase of bacteria and fungus and, at the same time, absorb and destroy its nutrients.

  • Pocket Spring

    Pocket Spring

    The mattress of pocket springs is made up of independent springs rather than a place  made by a block of  springs. The main advantage of the pocket springs is the independence oft he areas of rest, because as soon as they come into contact with the body parts, they act only on the specific ones, instead of acting on all of them. 

The leading mattress in less time

The luxor soft 32 is a mattress thought by Dormitum some years ago and it has been the most sold since it exists.

This mattress and the Royal Arte, combine everything that a high quality mattress has, pocket springs with cotton fabric and wool padding, cotton,Talalay latex and linen that help prevent the squashing of the natural products.

Combination of the best products for an exceptional first touch.

The Luxor medium also exists (medium firm).