Simmons Feeling Soft Pocket spring mattress


Simmons Feeling Soft Pocket spring mattress

  • Adaptability
    10/10 High
  • Firmness
    3/8 Soft
  • 80 90 100 105 135 140 150 160 180 200
  • 190 200 210


Offers an enveloping sensation and a semi-firm support
Mattress height: 30 cm
French manufacture
The No Flip® system eliminates the need to turn the mattress every season
The collection was designed in collaboration with the French Federation of Massage and Physiotherapists (FFMKR)
Perfect rest independence thanks to Sensoft Evolution pocket springs
Thermo-sensitive foam with shape memory that adapts perfectly to the natural forms of the body and relieves pressure points
Quallofil By Dacron wadding is a high-tech filling fiber: it quickly absorbs moisture for a healthy rest. Its high resistance allows a perfect support of the body.


Sensoft Evolution® Ultime firm suspension, line 700 Designed in collaboration with the French Federation of Physiotherapists (FFMKR), Sensoft Evolution® Ultime springs
are designed in a specific alloy;
offer an ideal, progressive and adaptable support to all morphologies;                                                                                     
allow optimal circulation of the air and a linear maintenance of the temperature. Aspects related to sleep:
Guata Aquasens (150 gr / m2)
Guata Quallofil By Dacron (300 gr / m2)
Biosens cover
Ultra Soft 4 cm shape memory foam, density 42 kg / m3
Soft foam 3 cm, density 23 kg / m3 Technical aspects:
Tript'Air® cover, internal network of air cushions

Simmons Feeling Soft Pocket spring mattress - Simmons

  • 5 year Warranty

    5 year Warranty

  • Made in France

    Made in France

  • Sensoft Technology

    Sensoft Technology

    The technology of  the Sensoft Evolution pocket springs, provides:

    • A soft first touch thanks to the upper side of pocket springs, softer, that reacts with the pressure of the body.
    • A progressive adjustment that is made by the central part of the pocket spring, more rigid, that gives you a continuously and evolving subjection.
    • A more comfortable subjection thanks to the Sensoft technology that absorbs the smallest movement and reacts as a booster of comfort.
    • Your spine will benefit from a subjection part by part and the mattress will give you a perfect  rest.







  • Evolution


  • 7 Years warranty

    7 Years warranty

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